Emanating from the reference guideline CAST-32A and DO-178C, several questions arise:
– Does the MCP I am using provide robust partitioning, i.e. robust resource partitioning and robust time partitioning?
– If my ARINC 653 real-time operating system provides time and space partitioning is this enough to achieve CAST-32A resource partitioning goals?
– Do hardware providers provide a list of interference channels (and their analysis? What about Critical Configuration Settings? And Hardware Event Monitors?
– Can I fully control ICH via proper values in the CCS?

Via hardware consultancy services we help you answering all these questions for your target MCP and RTOS, as necessary steps for a successful certification process.
We have perform interference channel analysis, robust partitioning analysis, critical configuration setting analysis for many avionics relevant architectures as presented in the supported platforms page.
Maspatechnologies’ micro-benchmark technology is pivotal to achieve CAST-32A objectives. Micro-benchmarks can be used to:
– Compare MCP platforms
– Show evidence on the mitigation applied to control the impact on interference-channels
– Develop evidence to support your certification application
– Micro-benchmarks are a certifiable and follow a DO-178C like development process